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Product Code: KN368
Title: CHRYSLER VOYAGER Ignition leads full set from Model Year : 01/01/97
Type: High Performance Ignition Leads
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
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KN1 Unique quad core ( 4 wires for the spark to travel though) 10mm Ignition leads give maximum power output Improves Throttle Response, Increased BHP & Acceleration improved MPG for all type of internal combustion engine, Ideal for high speed track racing to LGP cars and vans, almost any engine that needs a more powerful reliable spark
See below for vehicle compatibility and original OE part numbers.

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Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle Year CC Engine Code
CHRYSLER - NEON Mk I 1.8 16VSep 1997 to Aug 19991796EBD
CHRYSLER - SEBRING 2.0Apr 2001 onwards1996ECC
CHRYSLER - NEON Mk I 2.0 16VJun 1994 to Aug 19991996ECC
CHRYSLER - NEON Mk I 2.0 16VApr 1996 to Aug 19991996420T
CHRYSLER - NEON Mk I 2.0 16VMay 1994 to Aug 19991996420H
CHRYSLER - NEON Mk II 2.0 16VAug 1999 onwards1996420H
CHRYSLER - STRATUS 2.0 16VDec 1995 onwards1996ECB
CHRYSLER - VOYAGER Mk II 2.0 iMar 1997 to Feb 20011996C00
CHRYSLER - STRATUS 2.0 LEDec 1995 to Apr 20011996C00
CHRYSLER - STRATUS 2.0 LEJun 1996 to Apr 20011996420X
CHRYSLER - STRATUS 2.4 16 VDec 1995 to Apr 20012429EDZ
CHRYSLER - STRATUS 2.4 16VDec 1995 onwards2429EDZ
CHRYSLER - VOYAGER Mk II 2.4 iJan 1995 to Mar 20012429B00
Original OE Part Numbers
  • No OE Numbers