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Product Code: ICP-EK022
Title: Electronic Conversion Kit For 48D6 Type Distributors
Type: Distributor Electronic Conversion Kit
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Stock: In Stock


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Fits inside distributor to make electronic ignition, -. this easy to fit system can transform any classic into a reliable everyday mode of transport. Not affected by damp conditions, better fuel Economy, better starting. Easy to fit often only taking 5 minutes, no holes to drill, no complicated wiring, no need to get spark gap or dwell correct as this is automatic and best of all nothing bolted to the outside of the distributor. These smaller than a match box these units fit inside the distributor in the same place as the points, just 2 wires come out from the distributor to the ignition coil
See below for vehicle compatibility and original OE part numbers.

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Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle Year CC Engine Code
AUSTIN - PRINCESS MK 2 2000Oct 1978 to Oct 1982199420 H
AUSTIN - PRINCESS 2200 HLSApr 1976 to Sep 1978222722 H
MORRIS - ITAL 2.0Jul 1980 to Mar 19841994
ROVER - SDI 2300Sep 1977 to Oct 19862350
ROVER - SDI 2600Sep 1977 to Oct 1982259712 C
ROVER - SDI 2600Sep 1977 to Oct 1982259713 C
ROVER - SDI 2600 SOct 1982 to Oct 1986259713 C
ROVER - SDI 2600 SOct 1982 to Oct 1986259712 C
Original OE Part Numbers
  • LUCAS 54D6
  • Lucas 54D6
  • Lucas 41802A
  • Lucas 41802A
  • Lucas 41756
  • Lucas 41755