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Welcome to ICP LTD

The home for New Reconditioned and used distributors, caps, rotors, Modules, coils, Points, Condensers for your classic car Van Boat Tractor etc

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ignition car parts

Ignition car parts ltd are one of the largest suppliers of new auto parts in the UK, established 30 years ago we now have 6 full time staff at our location at Basildon in Essex  We can supply Bosch Delphi, Facet, Ntk, Ngk, Blueprint, Beru, Kerr Nelson, Standard, SMP, Intermotor, Lucas, Bremi, Hella, Siemens, VDO, and a full range of aftermarket parts 

Ignition coils modules caps rotors distributors, Timing sensors, Cam crankshaft and Knock sensors, Throttle Bodies position sensors, lambda, air temp oil temp pressure sensors, airflow meters, air sensors etc 

We build new and reconditioned distributors, we can test and rebuild any distributor, and we have recondition distributors for tractors, speed boats, airplanes, track cars, buggies, race cars, classic cars, American cars, just about anything you name it we have done it.


We can test any distributor we do this free repairs from £10 + parts.

We can also test any coil or ignition module

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If you want to use our Free testing service call Tel 01268 857880

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Unit 16 Ilford Trading Est Paycocke Road

Basildon, Essex | SS143DR

01268 857 880